I’m still here?

If you would have asked 18 year old me where I’d be in my 40’s, my answer would not have been still here!

I went to a small country school in Shelby County, A Spartan I was and a Spartan I still am. I didn’t really enjoy high school much. Even then, I didn’t like to sit still. I wanted to learn quickly and move on to the next adventure. Sitting in that building for 4 years was an eternity! I could not wait to get out of there and see what was next.

What was next was more school. A Boilermaker I was and a Boilermaker I still am. Those 4 years were not quite as agonizing. They were filled with excitement of internships, school trips, friends from across the world, and the endless possibilities of what was to come. I had grand ideas of moving to Chicago or New York. I wanted to oversee beautiful restaurants or magnificent hotels. I wanted to do anything but come back to this town.

I think a lot of young people feel like that. They don’t quite understand the importance of hometowns. I know I did not. I finally understood when I met my husband. He taught me patience and how to plan for what I want. I knew how to go after what I wanted but the patience to achieve it, well, patience was never my strong suit. So after 20 years of working for others, dreaming of how to become what that 18 year old me thought I’d be, I sit in my beautiful cafĂ© and I am humbled. I am humbled that a God who can lead me anywhere, led me here. I am in awe of the community support and love. I am so grateful for my family & friends that jump in and do what needs to be done whenever it needs to be done And I am proud. Proud of what we have achieved in such a short time. Hometown Love. Hometown Pride.

Life is short in the grand scheme of things. Live it. See the world. Meet new people. But always remember where you come from. Your hometown might not be for you but we’ll always be here. I am so thankful my path brought me home. So, yeah, I’m still here and I’m loving it!

Stay Just Peachy, friends.


Purdue Graduation Day 1999