A year of trials & blessings

March 16, 2020…. The restaurant was packed. Every seat was full. I think I even gave a customer a hug when she came in. Then our Governor dropped the bomb on us. Every restaurant in Indiana was required to shut their dining room doors and function on carry out only starting the next day. Just Peachy was 2 days shy of celebrating 4 months of business. When opening, I just kept saying if I could make it through winter, I’d be good. Then COVID gets thrown in there too? Restaurants that had been in business for years were falling. It was terrifying. I had only been open 4 months.

My staff went home to not return until May. My mom, best friend, her kids, and my kids all ran the restaurant for the next 2 months on carry out only. Prices of supplies sky rocketed, while other items just couldn’t be ordered. BUT.. the support from our community was amazing. We even had one faithful customer come in and lay down a $100 bill. Said he hadn’t been able to make it in lately because his office was closed too but he wanted to help. Small town Shelbyville made a HUGE difference to us little mom and pop places.

This week marks one year since this happened to Just Peachy and my brother and sisters in the industry. We do what we do because we want to serve you. We love seeing your faces and hearing the ‘mmmms’ as you take that first bite. We love celebrating with you and meeting every new person that comes to visit us. Without you, we have no business doing what we do. We missed you during the shut down. We have missed you during this last year as everyone is distancing themselves from one another. Some of you have been trickling back in, and I’m so excited to see you! I CANNOT WAIT for the rest of you to come back too!

I have a sign by my register that says ‘Too Blessed to be Stressed’. That is what we are here at Just Peachy. We might be finishing up a year of trials but there are always trials. There will be more, the restaurant business isn’t easy! How you handle the trials will determine your success or your demise.

Stay Just Peachy, Friends.


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Our faithful pandemic workers during carry out only.
E-learning in the morning and curbside deliveries during lunch!