To Tip, or Not to Tip, That is the Question

How many times do you go into a restaurant, place a to go order, and low-and-behold they turn that payment screen around to you and it asks how you want to tip? Does it bother you? Do you care?

Let me explain why it does this. 

The same system is being used whether you are dining in or taking out. The payment screen is the same and cannot be changed. We NEVER expect tips to be given on to-go orders. We ALWAYS appreciate it but you’ll get the same service with a smile no matter what button you press. In fact, we usually don’t look at individual checks to see who has tipped what. It all evens out at the end of the day. 

So, next time a server or cashier flips that screen around for a signature and it asks for your tip preference, choose what you want with no guilt or irritation. That NO TIP option is there for a reason. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, tips are always appreciated, especially when dining in. 

Personally, my rule of thumb when dining out is a standard 20% then it goes up or down based on service. SERVICE, not the fact that the kids next to you are noisy, not the fact that the music is too loud, not the fact that the kitchen put tomatoes on your sandwich. Now I will say, service includes how those issues are handled. See where I’m going with this? Service is how your particular server takes care of your table. 

The other big discussion is, “Why not just pay servers more so they don’t rely on tips?”

Goodness, I’d LOVE, to pay all my folks $15-$20/hour. Unfortunately, could you imagine what that would do to the price of your daily cheeseburger?!?!  Food prices are high enough these days without tripling/quadrupling the labor portion of the price! 

Lets re-cap: 

  • Tipping screens are universal, tip how you want on to-go orders knowing we do not take it personally so you shouldn’t either. (Unless you DO tip, then we LOVE THAT!)
  • Good service = Good tips
  • We love our customers and want you happy!!

Thanks for reading, 


STAY PEACHY, friends!