May I shake your hand?

In case you haven’t noticed, everyone seems to be hiring these days. It isn’t something that is isolated to just one line of work either. If you drive down the street, you will see multiple signs and banners waving hopefully at you begging to get your attention. A great discussion these days is about where are the workers hiding. I seriously do not think everyone is sitting at home. I have put a lot of thought in to this subject. People may be sitting at home, but I truly believe they are working from home. I’d say these are a majority of the millennials. Others, our Baby Boomers, have retired or cut their hours down a great deal from 2 years ago. That leaves us with our young adults. Some of my greatest workers are my teenagers. However, they have this thing called school and limited availability. Not to mention, that doesn’t help out the non food related establishments. Can’t really put a 16 year old running a press or driving a fork lift!

Why do you think we have so many people wanting to work from home? I’d guess quality of life. Gone are the days where people want to put in 50, 60, 70 hours a week. Gone are the days of the restaurant life where we sit on buckets and eat a quick meal of cold food after a 14 hour shift. Gone are days where chefs yell and scream at the staff. Gone are the days of that terrible work environment where you dread Mondays. Ok. Maybe I should be saying these are things that should be gone! Not all places have figured it out yet. Culture is so important in a workplace. If you run a business or manage people, how is your culture?

An employee has to be a good fit for the business and visa versa. I have had some great people on my staff that would be better suited for a different line of work. If that is the case, tell them! Don’t keep getting frustrated with them. Work with them. Talk to them. Help them to either do better for you or to find a way they can do better for themselves.

Are you looking for work? Let’s talk about interviewing. Do you know how to shake a hand? If not, stop and see me! I’d love to shake your hand! Here are a few other tips if you go into an interview.

  • Early is on time, on time is late, (late is fired!)
  • Does the interviewer leave you to wait? Don’t be on your phone. Pick up a menu or other literature about the company to look over. (Keep your phone put away, not on the table)
  • Be dressed for the job you are applying for. If I want to start you today and you have on sandals and ripped jeans, you are not dressed for my establishment.
  • Stand when your interviewer walks up and shake their hand. A firm shake, one pump, not bone crushing but not a limp fish, and look them in the eye.
  • Do your research on the company. When they ask why do you want to work here…. have a reason! (make sure the reason is better than “I need a job and I saw the sign”)
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer. Not creepy eye contact but eye contact non the less.
  • When filling out an application, have a pen and be ready to talk to someone right then if they are available. Your interview starts when you walk in the door to get an application.
  • Any question an interviewer asks is part of the interview. Even a simple “How has your day been so far?” This simple question is asking have you been productive, have you slept all day, do you know how to prioritize the important things in your own life?
  • When they ask if you have any questions about the company, make sure you have one ready. If all your questions have been answered, say that. You can even ask about the interviewer such as, “What do like best about working here?”

There are so many other tips to a good interview. Podcasts are a wonderful source of information for both the interviewer and interviewee. I hope this has helped.

I love to help, train, and coach. If you or someone you know is looking for a job but are concerned about the interview process (even if it is not with Just Peachy) come see me! I’d love help more people get into the workforce.

Take care all and stay Peachy!!


3 of my fearless team!