Thermometer or Thermostat?

A few weeks ago, I made a little sign and hung it in my café kitchen that said Thermometer or Thermostat? No one has asked me about it until yesterday. My 15 year old son worked and asked what it meant.

I told him a few weeks ago, I was listening to my morning devotional podcast. (Big Life Devotional with Pamela Crim) Her devotional had a part that really stuck with me: “are you the thermometer or the thermostat in your life?” It simply means we are in control of our surroundings. Do we want to react to the mood and vibes of a day and only be a thermometer? OR do we want to be thermostat and set the temp/mood for the day? I put the sign up as a reminder to myself to be the thermostat every day.

Our business, like so many, has a lot of different personalities in it. These personalities come at us as team members and as customers. It can be easy to react to everyone, but why? Continue to have your thermostat set to KIND. It can make such a difference in someone’s day. Mainly yours!

Stay Peachy, Friends!

Recipe taken from one of my 2500 cookbooks. This one is best-ever SOUPS by Anne Sheasby.
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