Back to Basics

I have been in the food industry since I was a pre-teen. My ‘why’ for being in this business has changed throughout the years though. At first, I did it because it was a family business and that is just what you do. Then, it was all I know and, really, what else would I do? Then the opportunity to create and experiment was a good reason to continue in this business. Somewhere in there, a love of cooking was a big reason. And finally, most of all, it was a love of serving those around me. However, with any job, sometimes it becomes a bit monotonous.

When I opened the cafĂ©, I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorite recipes with everyone. But after peeling approximately 7500 pounds of potatoes over the last 3 years, my love for potato soup has dwindled some! Until this past Sunday. It was a beautiful day at my farmhouse. I had the windows open, a movie playing (yes, it was a Hallmark Christmas movie. Don’t judge me), and it was time to cook. I made potato soup & apple pie for my family. It was a very rewarding afternoon. It reminded me of when I first developed those recipes and WHY I wanted to share them. It brought me back to the beginning – back to basics.

So no matter what you do, you probably started because of a love of something. I know not everyone gets that luxury, but for those that do, when the work day/week gets mundane, remember why you started. Are you an accountant? Did you choose that because you enjoyed math as a kid? I’m sure there are some fun story problems you could find on the internet to take you back to the beginning. Are you a builder? Why not take a minute and build something with a kid or maybe something small for a neighbor (perhaps a birdhouse?) Find your joy in you job again.

I always love what I do. Somedays I just love it more than others. But when I peeled potatoes on Monday for my Just Peachy family, I remembered standing over my kitchen sink peeling them for the Elliott family as I looked across the hay fields by my house. Basic. When you find your joy starting to waver, take it back to the beginning and remember your why.

Stay peachy, friends!

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